Cape Verde is committed to reaching a free trade agreement with the United States that serves as a business card for American investors in the archipelago
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Cape Verde is committed to reaching a free trade agreement with the United States

It is a long way, but the country is on the United States’ radar as an investment destination, guarantees Carlos Veiga, who ended his mission as ambassador in Washington last week.

Defense is another sector in which the two countries can strengthen their relationship. A defense and security agreement between Cape Verde and the United States remains on the table. For Carlos Veiga, the recognition made to the country points to an increasing relationship ties between Praia and Washington.

The agreement and between the two countries regarding the deportation process of Cape Verdeans have been followed by both Governments, increased confidence in the Cape Verde authorities, according to Carlos Veiga.

United States is a natural partner. In the economic and commercial field, the outgoing ambassador considers that AGOA, a well-known instrument that allows the export of products from African countries to the United States, has been working and there are companies that have taken advantage of it, such as the soap factory from Porto Novo. The Praia Government, however, intends to raise the bar and is now betting on a free trade agreement with the United States. It is a long way, recognizes Carlos Veiga, who however says that Cape Verde is eligible.

The moment he returns to Cape Verde, the former Prime Minister believes that the potential of the community rooted in the United States must be tapped, because it is an extraordinary asset. The third compact, for which Cape Verde also remains eligible, did not arrive because there was no political decision, says Carlos Veiga, who, back in the country, admits running for President of the Republic in 2021.

By: Álvaro Ludgero Andrade RTC / United States of America Available online by Mário Almeida

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